Sunday, April 29, 2007

Turkey = Holiday Holiday Holiday

London Skyline is on holiday.
That's what I should've said last week before actually going on holiday. Because that's how you say it, isn't it, in website world. You don't refer to yourself in the first or third person, even if it's patently obvious that the website is the rambling product of one human being's keyboard. That's the rule. I think the way it happens in order for me to go on holiday is that first London Skyline has to go on holiday, and once that's happened I go on holiday from London Skyline. That's how it felt to me anyway. And, now I come to examine it, the blogger interface has acquired a suspicious tan. I think it lived it large in Benidorm.

But I didn't. I went to here
bay from castle
A little place called Olympos, 2 hours south of Antalya in Turkey. Probably most beautiful and sedate place I have ever been. Well done Laura for recommending it. Here's the view from the beach:
Mount Olympos, Turkey
One day I shall return to scale this peak.

I'm just writing this post to explain the absence of any new posts for the past week and a bit, but may as well throw in a couple of holiday anecdotes.
  1. Just before the plane took off a guy behind me pulled over an air steward and asked
    'Excuse me - is the co-pilot male?'
    'I'm sorry sir?'
    'It's just that... that woman doing the announcement just now; that was the pilot, right?'
    'I just need to be sure there's a man up there too... just in case.'
    It ended up being (and I'm not just saying this for effect) the smoothest landing I've ever had the pleasure of participating in. Egg on face for him.
  2. Turkish SusieOne day I was taking photos of the beach. As I was doing so a fat man was climbing out of the water. His wife was not very pleased with that and yelled what I can only assume to be the Turkish equivalent of 'What the Fuck, Larry?!', Susie from Curb Your Enthusiasm style.
Oh, and one final thing: I am the King of Backgammon!

1 comment:

Kate said...

Wow, your photo's make it look like an even more beautiful place than what you had described last night. Looks like the perfect place to chill out.
If you ever do decide to go back and scale that peak and need a companion, then I'd be happy to oblige, but then you might not want your big sis tagging along ;-)

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