Sunday, May 08, 2011

Find that campsite!

I’ve been very busy lately. Busy making it easier for YOU – yes YOU! – to find the perfect campsite in the UK.

As of a few days ago, my campsite listing website has some new features. And not just any new features – these are (to the best of my knowledge) unique new features. The already pretty handy map of campsites now lets you…

  • Filter campsites based on what facilities they have – you can either specify that your ideal campsite must have a certain feature, or definitely must not have it. Ideal for finding a campsite that allows campfires but no pesky caravans.
  • View only those campsites that are open during the month you’re planning on holidaying.

There are one or two additional features hopefully to go live later this month, but for now please take a look and let me knnow if you have any feedback.

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