Saturday, March 22, 2008


A number of factors have combined to quieten this blog of late:

  1. Very unreliable internet service at home
  2. Being quite busy with life ingeneral
  3. I'm moving to Amsterdam soon, and have been debating whether to continue with the blog at all.
#1 is now resolved, but #2 and #3 still loom large on the horizon. Delving in in more depth:

I started the blog when my houseshare was less than ideal and spent a lot of time in my room hiding/plotting. Nowadays I don't have the same incentive to remain ensconced with my laptop, and writing the blog on a regular basis feels a bit like a chore.

Well, it's pretty flat really, isn't it. I'll probably get bullied for not being horizontal enough in my enthusiasms if I continue with the blog. I won't be able to take any photos of the works in progress, so will be reduced to scouring the new websites for updates. This is something I haven't been doing too much of lately either as does a far beter job in all honesty.

So I am retiring the blog for the time being. I don't expect the move to Amsterdam will be permanent (probably about 6 months), so I may return one day to continue the tall building commentary. It all depends on how big a public outcry there is.

I'll leave you with two things:
  1. There is one hoarding in the city which is not, surprisingly, around a construction site: it's around an archaeological dig at a buried section of the Old London Wall near Leadenhall Market.
  2. One last poor photo of the Broadgate Tower:

broadgate tower

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