Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Up, up and away

201 bishopsgate dismantled craneCranes: Where would tall buildings be without them?

Completed, that's where.

A sign that 201 Bishopsgate is progressing nicely is that one of the cranes has been dismantled, leaving but a stump behind.

Broadgate Tower crane stabiliserAnother feature of the cranes I noticed at the weekend (but which isn't new - I've checked the old photos) is that the tower cranes for the Broadgate Tower are anchored to the tower itself. Tower cranes always do seem flimsy things. On reflection, the ones at Broadgate do look a bit slimmer than your average stand-alone ones, and tying them to the building under construction does probably mean they can make economies when it comes to crane girth.

Today's song is brought to you by Squarepusher, and it's from the Lost in Translation Soundtrack. It's a good skyscraper song.

Xena platformsBack to the cranes. You might remember the yellow platforms on the Broadgate Tower, which I researched their purpose, and came up with the conclusion that they're for micro cranes to deposit their loads on. I've since changed my mind. I reckon they're just for the normal tower cranes to deposit their loads on as I can't see any sign of the mini cranes.

I really like the photo to the right. It's very cluttered, but really vibrant colours and striking shapes. One of the best ones I've taken of Broadgate in my opinion.

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Kate said...

Hmm...I like that photo too, somehow it just seems completely balanced.

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