Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A treat tonight - 2 posts for the price of 2.

I mentioned once before that I inspired ( I think) somebody to take photos of the Willis Building. on Saturday a similar thing happened at the Broadgate Tower.

I was stood on Bishopsgate taking photos and a mother/aunt with two youngish children walked by. As i lowered my camera I saw the boy's eyes look at me, the camera, and then where the camera had been pointing. When he saw the subject of the photo he just said 'Wow!' It's a bit worrying that he had just walked straight past the building without noticing a thing until he saw me. But then again, I am quite eye-catching, even to the untrained eye I suppose.

And well might he wow. It's an awe-inspiring sight, it is. Going back to talking about cranes for a second, there are still 3 working on the actual Tower, but it's now so tall that, up close, all but the one on your side of the building can be completely hidden from view.
broadgate tower and 201 bishopsgate, south side

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