Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Latest Willis Building news, from me and a competitor

Willis building
Originally uploaded by Rhysickle.

Willis Building
Originally uploaded by Rhysickle.

How different they look!

It has to be said that the major factor is the more recent one on the right is a correctly exposed photo. But you'll also notice that the street facing facade of the lowest step (or segment of prawn - extraordinary inspiration!) of the building is virtually complete, save for a thin vertical sliver which, judging by the ladder running parallel to it, must be some sort of emergency escape. Or maybe an incidence of sloppy work by the glaziers. There's no longer a crane mounted atop this lowest level, as there was in late October.

The corrugated glass on the side of the building is also very much in evidence. It was there to a lesser degree last time, but now looks quite striking; vertical dunes. The floors/ceilings (is there a term for a floor/ceiling?) lying in wait for the glass look somewhat like the wheels of a world war II Lorenz enciphering machine. Click the picture for a close up: Obviously, it's just standard practice to build walls in the shape of the windows to go on them, but for some reason I can't help feeling that the builders of the Willis Building have demonstrated admirable foresight. Well done! These corrugations are also, in my humble self-agrandizing opinion, the first significant thing I've documented. In a few months they will be hidden from view forever, and here is possibly the only photo and description of this interesting feature that will ever be published.

And they couldn't have come along at a more opportune moment. I mentioned earlier in the blog
that, good website thought it is, skyscraper news doesn't seek to follow the day-to-day construction of London's new architectural projects.

Turns out I was wrong.

Look at this. Is that shady guy I saw hanging around Broadgate tower in October taking photos my nemesis, James Newham? One things for sure, the early photos of the willis building (which show that it was constructed from the core outwards:
) are a valuable addition to the tracking of its construction. Damn them. Damn them to hell!

Still, I do have one recourse. The site's mission statement of sorts reads:
The basic aim of skyscrapernews is to inform and educate people about British architecture at both a serious and slightly more irreverent level.
I think they're failing on the "more irreverent level" side of the bargain. What they gain in access to the construction industry and resources I make up for in pluck, creativity and wit... of sorts. I mean, where are their videos of reflections in the Willis building complete with photos of the source object? Hmmm?!!

But it's not a competition.

I'm sure we can all be friends.

They have a forum for skyscraper enthusiasts. I'll look into it some more.

One last thing: When taking the photo below two guys walked past. One exclaimed "Ooh - look at that," got out his phone and took a photo too. That's the only reason I do this; for the children.

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