Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Intro to the blog

How to start a blog?

It's a dilemma. As I intend to give this blog a theme I can't help thinking I should explain it... but then it'll get lost down in the archives after a few months' blogging.

Fuck it!

This blog is going to be about London skyscrapers and the London skyline in general. With - I would imagine - tangents off into the worlds of tall buildings, London and little things I like or dislike. I'll try and stay at least vaguely on topic though, and will hopefully be as in-objective as I can muster.

I've been intrigued by blogging for a while, and know a few people who blog. I would link to them but my favourite - Matt's - is currently inactive as he doesn't want people looking at his web page to see it and, consequently, not give him a job; it's a blog mostly about things he finds around the Education department at Warwick University. And I also can't be bothered setting up links at present. I don't really see the point in blogging unless you fill a knowledge gap, but quite fancied blogging all the same. So I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself for having found said gap.

No-one seems to be blogging about the changes to the London skyline which have been ongoing since around about the time Ken Livingstone became mayor, and the anti-tall-buildings dogma was dropped. There are also very few sources of current information about the several ongoing projects. e.g search for photos of the shard of glass in Google and you won't find a single work-in-progress one. You will, however, find a few artists impressions of the finished article... but part of the joy of large architectural projects is seeing them grow. (Did anyone see the BBC2 documentary series Seven wonders of the industrial world a few years ago - great TV)

Incidentally, the site I just linked to somewhat disparagingly is pretty good; I fully intend to plagiarise it at length over the coming months/years. It's just a bit less immediate than a blog.

I'm nearly done now. Except to say that one thing in particular inspired me to be interested in the London skyscraper developments (this on top of my embarrassingly awestruck behaviour every time I'm around a tall building). A few years ago the saturday Guardian had a supplement titled something like 'The world in 2009'. To sum up, it's gonna be a bit like the film Waterworld, except that London's going to have a lovely new set of skyscrapers, as illustrated in this picture:
. Beautiful, isn't it.

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