Monday, December 04, 2006

London skyscraper team

Hello skyscraper club members,

I say club members as there is now a vague coalition of people gathering to assist with this quest to end ignorance about skyscrapers in the city. I mean vague in the vague sense of the word.

I saw Tom and Kate on Saturday. Amongst other things they had been to the Tate to play on the slides, and before coming to Soho for a drink with me and beard had been to a pub by the Tate where the menus have panoramic drawings of the present London skyline (with future additions in faded outline only) on them. Tom and Kate had - rather selfishly I thought - used their menu to test, first of all, Kate's knowledge of American states and Tom's knowledge of English counties; both were fairly complete, but Tom wanted to keep the menu as testament to this, so wouldn't let me have it. However this tip off does mean I know where to go to get a pretty good illustration.

Tom also told me about the Guildhall architectural archive... or something. Today (day off work) I've found out that in order to gain access to it I must first join the Hackney library, then the Barbican Library, and then and only then can enter the guildhall's vaults. According to Tom it has information dating back to the year dot on what has been - and will be - built in the City.

Yesterday I met Karen for the first time in ages to go to the pub. Conversation wondered onto what we've been spending our free time doing, and the subject of this blog came up. As a birthday present, and an investment in this culturally significant archive of London's development, Karen is taking me for a drink in bar vertigo at the top of Tower 42. So thanks to that girl.

We also agreed to meet and go to the For Peel exhibition at No More Grey gallery today, which we did. I went on Saturday as I hadn't seen Emily for a while, and her friend and all round (round headed) nice guy Harry Pye is curating it; it's an exhibition of paintings dedicated to John Peel and the bands he loved, and is worth seeing. Nice to see and exhibition which is varied and so celebratory. Arrived a bit late tonight though, so it was closed. This did however mean we discovered a nice coffee bar on Brick Lane, and saw the cranes working on Broadgate Tower draped in Christmas lights. How thoughtful... and reckless!!!

After reading the above you probably think I wear a tailored jacket over a t-shirt, but I can assure you I don't.

Those are my co-hunters so far. I was distressed today to find that the niche my blog is supposed to be filling may not actually exist. But more on that tomorrow.

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