Sunday, April 29, 2007

Wrexham police station

I am, at heart, a boring sod. I set up Google Analytics for the blog, and like nothing better than to see how people have got here. I intend to have a weekly 'keyword of the week' for my favourite combination of words which have inadvertently lead someone here (You may recall that 1800's Erotica has been a popular one).

Imagine my delight today when I see that someone has come to the blog by typing in 'Wrexham police station architect.'

Wrexham is my home town, and the police station is the only building taller than about 5 storeys in the whole place. It's the first tall building I ever came across (I used to walk past it every time I went swimming, at Wrexham swimming baths, which is also a very distinctive building - one of only 2 hyperbolic paraboloid roofs in Europe, so I'm told). It quite likely inspired my lifelong casual interest in skyscrapers and the like.

I don't think I've ever specifically mentioned the police station on the blog, so it's really quite serendipitous that somebody, looking for information I don't have, inadvertently prompted me to talk about the first 'skyscraper' of my life.

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