Thursday, March 08, 2007

Broadgate Tower nickname competition

It's only fair it should have one. Even the London Stock Exchange is jocularly referred to as 'The Coffin' by those in the know.

My suggestion for Broadgate is:

The 'one of those things you got in the eighties, y'know, that you could bend diagonally a lot. I think you had to order them from a Frosties packet.'

Even though the above, for the first half alone, is quite obviously worthy of some sort of PR catchiness award, in the interests of fair play I should invite contributions from the audience before unleashing it on the unsuspecting London press.

See the results


Kate said...

I like your suggestion, I know exactly the thing you mena, it's like a rubics cube thing but flat, right?
Afraid I can't think of any suggestions, but maybe if I stare at it a little longer! Can you tell I'm a little bored at work :-)

Walter said...

The Rubik's thingamy this looks like is the Rubik's magic. It didn't quite match the cube for naming brilliance though did it? I'm sure they considered the Rubik's flipey flopey bendy fold-overy thing, but rejected it due to the increased cost of packaging. Back to the issue at hand. The Rubik's tower? My other tower's a cube?

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