Saturday, March 03, 2007

Will the 'Walkie Talkie' tower be an eyesore

Rainbow from Millbank TowerIs the pope responsible for the deaths of millions of Africans?!?

That's my opinion, anyway, but London Lite yesterday published comments left on a thread of this name on the This is London website, thus enabling me to read what other people think.

The appearance of the building was likened to a walkie talkie, and electric shaver and a fountain pen (!). Alienz, who made the fountain pen comparrisson, was later covered in egg by wino1, who pointed out "Alienz, think that's the Bishopsgate tower that looks like that - the 'Walkie-Talkie' is further down on website." wino1 lets himself down later by saying "And what is the obsession with the blocking of the St. Pauls view anyway - has anyone in London ever actually seen this cathedral without scaffolding on it!" Yes... but I don't think many people consider the whole scaffolding thing to be beneficial. Solomongursky1 puts him in his place with panache though.

Solomon later says: "Anyone else noticed that more seems to be happening in London now than at any time since the last major redevelopment by the luftwaffe?". Good point. Every time I see a building being built I'm drawn to comparissons with buildings being destroyed with bombs. He later adds " The views of St Pauls from the river won't be blocked. Nor from Greenwich or Parliament Hill, as far as I can see." This is true. By definition the views "as far as I can see" won't be blocked, else they wouldn't be the view.

But he does reckon without the trees, the damn trees and their impenetrable view blocking foliage. English Heritage are up in arms about them too, and are recommending the deforestation of all London's open areas. Including car parks.

I will end this round-up with some profound thoughts from the pen of lepus:

I think its ugly and out of place. The minerva tower looks like it will overpower the Tower of Londen. Having said that the no mark building thrown up to the north of Tower Bridge should never of got the go ahead and thats not a tall building.

Plans to change the old Stock Exchange Tower are welcome though. It always was ugly and the shape! I'd worked there for 4 years and walking back from the toilet one day it dawned on me it was coffin shape. Turn slight corner, turn another corner reach corner office on short edge "hang on this is a coffin!".
I thank my lucky stars that I work in a chewitt and not a coffin... although I do sit next to the toilets (next to that blonde girl Marcus always passes on the way to the toilets), so the walk to the toilets is not as revelatory for me.

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