Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Light up London

City skyline at night, overexpsed
Tower 42Last week - Thursday I think - I read in the Metro, or London Paper (but not the London Lite - give me some credit!) that some people have been busy installing lightbulbs all along the Pool of London.

Looking at this photo you'd think that they overdid it a bit, what with the buildings looking like they're mid-extermination. The more astute among you will of course know all about apertures and shutter speeds and tripods and that and will be insulted in the intelligence by my explaining that it's overexposed. On purpose.

The night (Sunday) was one of those times when - like when you go to Ayers Rock, or the Eiffel Tower, or Wrexham police station - ... when everyone is stood around taking the same photo. Exactly the same photo. There were hundreds of photographers armed with tripods out living it up with film. Given that I've mentioned my trusty tripod (long gone are the days when you could say 'pod' and only face confusion with peas rather than mp3 payers too) a few times, here's a picture. Cheekily, the camera is not too scale. Manipulative bastards.

Laura on a benchMillions of photographers there wuz. All taking the same photos. It reminded me of my birdwatching days. You'd have a row of people with telescopes staring out to sea looking for a shearwater (which reminds me of the most boring blog Ive ever come across ... Nope - can't find it. Fitting that it's so dull as it was a pioneer of blogging - read it about 3 years ago). It was like that. But with cameras and lightbulbs. The only person who wasn't taking photos was Laura, who had a lie down on a bench.

The thing is that, in these modern times of Flickr and photobook and freely available pornographic images, is there really any need to photograph your own testicles experiences anymore?

So I decided to deliberately overexpose everything (no mean feat in the dark), just so as to avoid being an online clutterance (new word - TM R.Evans 2007). I will be an online varietal!

I hate blogs which contain billions of photos in one tall meaningless column, so here's some thumbnails followed by the best of the bunch. It's also the lowest lying London skyline feature I've photographed.
Illuminated London bridgeIlluminated Mayor's officeMore Lonon electric treeGherkin at night
Overexposed HMS Belfast

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