Friday, February 16, 2007

Joining the mile-high club

No - not that one!

The one of cities, not people, which have buildings that tall. The club is very exclusive, with a current membership of none, but today I read in londonist and skyscrapernews that an architecture firm has proposed building self-contained (in which case, why not build them in the countryside? Or Norwich?) tower communities in London.

Skyscrapernews gives the plan short-thrift, quite rightly pointing out that building towers so high is against civil aviation authority rules... quite apart from being just plain silly. Probably a PR stunt they say. I agree.

The tower featured in this post is a different one, called the Green Bird, in the zoomorphic style, which is also thankfully probably a joke. Although it is probably also a member of the mile-high club in a sense which I can hardly begin to imagine.

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