Thursday, February 08, 2007

Diamond number 2

P1000972See that diamond shape perched on top of another diamond shape up the side of Broadgate Tower; that means it's two thirds complete height-wise.

Taking this photo was no easy job. I've only got a mini tripod which I had to clasp against a lamp-post. Was quite surprised at how successfully I managed to avoid camera shake. I came across this new view of the Tower - my new favourite angle for photos - on Friday night whilst walking to the Ten Bells.

Half-planned to go and take some snowy pictures today. Tube was flumoxed by the weather once again and so I decided to work from home. Discovered it was boring and this, combined with advanced email taunting by non-absent colleagues (and the desire to win a tiny victory over Lisa for being such a bitch last night by going out after she'd gone to get me money so I could pay the phone bill post-haste.) meant I decided to go in once the tube was well again. In the end I had no time to stop off at Liverpool street on the way.

To make matters worse the snow had melted all around work, so no chance of a snowball fight. Michael did however point out that not many people can say Big Ben is their office clock. It depends if you consider all the people on one side of Millbank Tower to be "not many" I suppose, but I like the observation.

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