Saturday, January 27, 2007

No snow

There was snow in the garden when I left the house on Wednesday morning. This also happened to be the day when the entire tube was buggered, so I took the bus to work. This afforded the opportunity, when changing buses near Liverpool Street, to take the photo I hadn't taken the other day.
broadgate towerbroadgate tower Dec 2006201 Bishopsgate 21/1
You'll notice that there's not a trace of snow (although there was noticeable wind damage at the city limits). I do wonder if it settled at all. They do say he centre of cities is a good few degrees warmer than elsewhere. But, snow or no snow, it's shooting up at a rate of knots.

I plan to do an examination of different designs of crane someday soon. Ones with a pivot are very common in London, whereas back in chester it was always a rigid arm with a sliding anchor for the cable. Near the new Home office (splendid building where people walk a lot) there is a crane with a kink halfway up the lifting arm. I can hardly bear to imagine the stresses it must endure.

As a result of this early photographic excursion I had my camera handy at work. Come sunset I took a photo of tower 42 looking like it was on fire, and this one of St Pauls looking saintly.
St Paul's from Millbank

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