Sunday, October 21, 2007

More considerate constructors

Broadgate Tower is being built by considerate constructors, that much we know. But what of the other building sites in the city. Do they also display the telltale signs of being of considerate construct?

The answer is a resounding "YES!" on the whole. (Now, what with the use of " " to denote irony in popular culture, you're probably not sure if that was a sincere quoted yes, or a sarcastic yes, but one paying no heed to grammar. It was, I can assure you, a sincere quoted one.)
Here's a breakdown of considerate and inconsiderate constructors:


The considerate constructors scheme is 20 years old this year according to one poster (*edit* it turns out that this is for the considerate contractor scheme - a different thing entirely). Curiously the scheme's website claims it's only 10 years old, which makes sense to me as if it was any older it would have been set up under a tory government, and I can't see the tories ever doing anything considerate. the website also has a useful guide to what being a considerate constructor entails; there is a 108 point checklist!

The Leadenhall building participates in the scheme, and here are a couple of examples of exemplary considerate practice.
yellow stepsPainting steps yellow so that people see they're not just a piece of fence.

Covering the temporary fence sealing off the building site with strips of metal where it brushes up against a coffee shop's outdoor seating area in order to give a calming, glittery effect. It's unlikely to completely convince diners that there isn't a huge demolition site on the other side, but nice try all the same.
glitter fence

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