Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Waiting for Willis

10 Trinity SquareIf you have good eyesight you'll see that either side of the door is a plaque saying 'Willis'. The building which houses the door is none other than 10 Trinity Square, the former Port of London Authority building, and, for the time being it is home to Willis' UK and Ireland operation. Interestingly, on the Willis website (Willis are insurers, by the way) the address is spelt Ten Trinity Square, as opposed to using numerals. Does this mean the building at 10 Trinity Square has been named Ten Trinity Square. I suppose you could take any address and name the building at that address by its address. You could, in such a way, start an infinite regress in which the name of the building is the whole address which includes the name of the building which is the whole address ...

But I can't see why you'd want to do a silly thing like that.

willis building reflection 1As we all know by now, Willis won't be at Trinity Square (Ten, 10 or otherwise) for very much longer. The last photos I posted showed significant progress, and the facade was, as far as the eye can see, complete. Here's a photo to remind us of that.

Willis building: Clean and dirty windowsThere will however be one hell of a cleaning job before the building is deemed presentable. The amount of dust that builds up is made perfectly clear by the clarity of the recently added windows (where the lift track used to be) as compared to the opacity of the more established glazing. I wonder if the builders will clean it, or if the first act of any property developer once a building is completed is to hire some window cleaners. Quite a specialised profession I imagine.

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