Thursday, April 12, 2007

Capital FM, the Killers, Y-fronts and enlarged shops

There is a blog I subscribe to called Unphotographable. It's a professional photographers blog of 'Occasions when I wished I'd taken the picture, or not forgotten the camera, or had been brave enough to click the shutter.' I like it a lot. A particularly good entry lies here.

The reason I mention it is because I am now going to do a miniature Unphotographable post:

This is the picture I cannot post because both Capital FM and The Killers haven't thought to put a copy of the billboards advertising that The Killers are this month's artist of the month anywhere on the web. You will therefore have to take my word for it that it is an altered view of the London skyline - replete with Gherkin - in which the buildings conspire to spell out 'Killers'.
(*edit* - Dave Gorman, no less, has obliged in putting a photo up on Flickr.)

I'll do another, more artistically valid one:
This is the photo I did not take on a hot May afternoon last year in Green Park. One of the war memorials there features a sheet of water trickling slowly down a slightly inclined plane. A number of tourist parents allowed their small children to splash and frolic in the water, disregarding a sign that clearly said that doing so was prohibited. A child dressed in nothing but sodden Y-fronts stood atop the metre-or-so-tall monument, a few inches above said sign. I didn't capture the very funny scene as I didn't fancy being chased through the streets being called a paedophile in a number of European languages.
A bit of local news to finish: It's not just the city that's being redeveloped. No fewer than 3 of my local grocers have had a refit in the past two weeks. The general approach is to knock through the back wall, enlarge the wine section, and give toilet rolls a shelf for themselves rather than stacking them on top of other goods. Tonight I was so confused I ended up buying jaffa cakes when I only went in for tomato sauce!

I've just realised - I have completely lost the ability to use semicolons appropriately. I used to have the knack. Damn!

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