Saturday, April 14, 2007

Sitting and watching and thinking

close up of Gherkin and churchAs so many people the length and breadth of the country will no doubt be doing due to the clement weather, I have turned my energies away from doing things to observing things. Here are today's observations so far.

  1. Tony Robinson is filling the post-John Peel advert voice-over gap
  2. It's quite possible that terrapins charge themselves with solar power once a year. I say this because I saw 3 of them sunning themselves by the canal at the same time last year.. and I've just seen them again, holding their heads up on outstretched necks like haughty camels.
  3. Pigeons get confused when you follow them on a bike. If the pigeon is on the ground initially it will take off and, thinking you're a normal on-foot speed human, try and land a few flaps of the wing ahead. About to land, it will realise the human has surprisingly caught it up again, and will give a few more flaps to get ahead again. It will do this repeatedly. The overall effect is that it looks like a kite being jerked on a string (no pigeons were harmed during the description of this experiment).
  4. A lot of women joggers jog in a freaky way. They flick their lower legs out sideways like Charleston dancers during each step. I saw one jogger do this, and wondered if it was a disability of some sort, but it turns out at least 66 percent (of a sample of 3) do the same.
  5. Finding your keys after searching for hours for them the previous night is a great start to a day.
  6. Now it's sunny, it's all about the reggae. Such as this summery song by Zap Pow.
Now I'm off to see my friends Broadgate Tower and Willis Building to see how they're getting on.

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