Friday, March 16, 2007

Reflections on reflections

Star of St David reflected of the GherkinI don't know what I'm going to write tonight. I have a shed load of photos but no theme. I think maybe... yes. Yes! - reflections, that's what it shall revolve around. Or reflect upon.

See there on the right.............

Sunlight reflecting off the Gherkin forms little stars of David on the side of an adjacent building. There are also shapes that look a bit like grails and like fish (well, diamond shaped anyway), so I think we can surmise that 30 St Mary's Axe reflects light is a judeo-christian orthodox way. And, to be honest, I'd expect nothing less from Norman Foster. I did rty and find some crescents so that we might have complete inter-religious harmony, but Norman obviously didn't care to factor that into the design, for reasons best known to himself... the feckin' bigot!
Broadgate Tower other side
Broadgate Tower 17/2/2007Here's one of my panoramic shots, finally capturing what this ( --> ) could not, but with more distortion than I'd like... but I don't know what can be done about that. Although, as evidenced below, the whole tower does get reflected in the Exchange Square building. If it wasn't for the railway running underneath it might be less obscured. But without the railway coming in to London there'd be no real need for the big office blocks. It's a highly skewed catch-22.
Broadgate Tower reflected in Exchange square
Broadgate Tower from Spital squareThe last remaining reflection to be discussed is that in Spital Square. Spital square is the North side of Brushfield Street, which leads to Spitalfields Market. The view of Broadgate Tower from there is pretty impressive From this angle, when it's finished it'll look like a massive glass wellington boot, looking at it from just below the toe.

And it is reflected in the new-ish buildings opposite, as shown below.

Sorry about today's uninspiring post. Ended up being heavilly dependent on photos after all. As a treat, I suggest you all follow this link instead of wasting any more reading this post... which is a pretty empty thing to say given you've already reached the end.
Reflection of Broadgate Tower (spital square)

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