Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Trumpets, lifts, scripts and pustules (the title they wanted to use for the John Candy & Steve Martin film, but weren't allowed to)

I found a copy of the Philadelphia Trumpet on the train today. I quote the opening line of the editorial:

Last November's midterm elections marked a disaster in American history
Couldn't've put it better myself.

Other thoughts on my journey to Wolverhampton included "how would you get off at the right floor using the double decker lifts?" I reasoned that one level must be allocated to odd floors, he other to evens, with two ramps to split the clientele (only one 'l' - how surprising!) between those starting on the ground floor (0) and lower ground floor (-1) respectively. I bet that's how.

I've just written my first ever php script. Given a starting number n, it tells you whether the sequence (n *2.2) decreases for ever, and if it doesn't it lists the results up until you get to above 1440. This script will, I think you'll agree, revolutionise the way we lead our lives.

As I and my tired eyes can't be doing with sending yet more photos flickr-wards, here's a swift photo comparison for the Broadgate Tower through the ages. Why oh why can't I ever get the angle the same each time?!?! Photos 1 and 3 are fairly similar though, and demonstrate a lot of growth. You can also see the increase in glazing since last time, with work started on the back of 201 Bisho9psgate as well as the tower. Also note the yellow planks to be walked. There are a number of them springing out of the Tower like pustules. There's a number to call, but I'll leave that for later this week.
Broadgate TowerBroadgate Tower 14/1/07Broadgate Tower 17/2/2007

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