Saturday, January 06, 2007

Skyscraper forum again

Today I finally received my password sorty-outy stuff from the skyscrapercity forum, and have accordingly repaid the favour by adding it to my links.

They use the word cladding an awful lot. From

clad2 [klad] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation –verb (used with object), clad, clad·ding. to bond a metal to (another metal), esp. to provide with a protective coat.

I'm not sure this is the primary purpose for skyscrapers being glazed, but I might be wrong about that.

It's probably bad form, not to mention unwise, to mock a forum you're about to join. So I shall stop.

Sticking to the theme of missuse of the English language, there are a few people at work who overuse "in terms of"; "In terms of how much time it will take, I'd say about 2 days." Or how about just saying "It'll take about 2 days." Nnnggg!!!

Anyway, I was ranting about this to Sharna and Mike and grew concerned that I might be a hypocrite, so I did a search through all my old emails and discovered only 1 use of the phrase by me (and that was a technical use in an email about number theory). Felt quite smug.

This photo's quite old, but it fits in with the decrepitude that a couple of days' bad cold and winter rain brings.

disintegrating buildings

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