Saturday, December 30, 2006

Skyscraper forum

I'm back. Not much to report really. I've been in Wales. They don't believe in tall buildings there as they might obscure the views of the mountains and rugby posts. And they confuse the sheep (who tend to instantly form a cult on sight of a tall building - it's why you never get 3-storey tractors (although there may be other factors at play too))

I've just tried to join a London skyscraper forum. On the right of the blog is a link to "some guy named Darren"'s photos. I emailed him to say hello as, naively, I thought we were the only 2 people in London showing any interest in the mushrooming skyline. But no, there are at least 2 fora -the skyscrapernews one and one Darren has pointed me to - skyscrapercity. A swift judgement shows skyscraper city to be superior. Just as soon as I get my confirmation email I'll start contributing/plagiarising.

Here's a photo on the forum taken by Jef (with a J) showing where Broadgtae Tower fits in amongst te other London skyscrapers (as seen from Parliament Hill - the location of the official London view ombudsman's offices). Surprisingly Broadgate stands isolated, midway between the city and dicklands. The John Hancock Tower in Boston, (which, I believe i've mentioned also looks similar to Broadgate tower) is similarly isolated. Must run in the architectural genes.

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