Wednesday, December 13, 2006

New Street Square

new street square - artists impressionI'm typing this on my brand new laptop without a cracked screen. Only downside so far is that the shift key on the right is alittle small, but other than that it makes a good blogging instrument.

But enough about me... what about the buildings???

At the weekend I went to visit New Street square, where the evocatively named Building A is to be 76m tall, and as very little else taller is being built at the moment I thought I ought to visit. As mentioned befor I also thought maybe I'd spotted it from a distance, but on visiting the site I think I'm probably wrong as the spread of cranes didn't look extensive enough, and it looked far more complete than the photo from the other week. So that mystery remains.

I've concluded that the architects, construction firm, or whoever, are well-meaning, but feckless. Evidence for this includes:

Across the road from New Street Square is the Rolls building.

Phew - it has all just become clear to me. I spent a while on Sunday photographing a decrepit building and the zealous signs surrounding it, wondering at the mismatch, and thinking "you can make that sign as big as you like, but still no one will rent the place." Turns out it's going to be extensively redeveloped. Should have worked it out really. Although I can't believe construction will proceed exactly as depicted in this video - surely walls come before a roof?ropes/gloves

On the edge of the roof a couple of ropes are coiled around a railing, looking somewhat like oversized gloves. I imagined the building being consigned to ruin as a deathtrap after a worker fell to his death from the over-sized gloves.

It's been a long blog, so just 2 things to finish. First, I pased a cool looking pub called the seven stars, which I'll try to visit again someday. Secondly, a photo to finish; I think it looks like a lava flow.

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