Monday, December 18, 2006

Brrr and Bright Lights

As you may or may not know, i have very little social life. I mean, Christ - I fill my weekends with cycling around peering up at unfinished monoliths. But anyway, even hermits like me struggle to find the time to be anoraks at Christmas. It doesn't help that it's my birthday too.

But my birthday does help in that... hmmm -I think I received for possibly the first time in my life something as a present that I was imminently going to buy for myself anyway, but that I didn't ask for (much obliged to Matt). It's London in a bag, made by Muji. Who are Muji and how and why have they put London in a bag??? I don't care, but I like it. Unfortunately the set doesn't come with a toy nun included (This photo is the second best use of a toy nun I have ever seen. Here's the first best.) the guy who took the photo also has photos of the Willis building at night on his flickr. I'm going to call that a floop - a loop of connections where Flickr plays an integral part. Floop was a downright gorgeous bad guy turned good character in spy kids too. I think I may have spoiled the plot there, so may as well give away the best punchline: "They're building an army!". Oh, how I laughed.

By the way, if you're aware of googlewhacks you may like to know that Rabbits Shagging is a flickr whack (i.e. only one photo on Flickr tagged with rabbits and shagging, and it's a good one too. i just double-checked that and there are now 3 photos, one of which doesn't have shagging, and the other addition having neither rabbits nor shagging. I will contact them asking them to reconsider their tags. Mind you, I suppose every flickr- or googlewhack has a limited lifespan. Eventually someone will write an article on acupuncturist weevils. I should learn to let go)

Yes, Brrr and Bright Lights.

I mentioned the other week that the constructors of broadgate tower have been enormously thoughtful and decorated the cranes atop their half-finished building with christmas lights. This, i imagine, was no mean feat. Maybe they got a monkey to do it. I went out tonight especially to capture them as, who knows, they might be taken down after christmas. It was a bit misty, so the lights were nowhere near as eyecatching as they have been, and one of cables must've broken as one crane is now in darkness (maybe builders working on 1/6th of the building will be electrocuted on arrival at work tomorrow). But I think the following shot is still lovely; just think of the romantic sentimentality which has somehow emerged from a cess-pit of arse cracks and investment. Aaaaaaah
Broadgate Tower at night

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