Friday, November 17, 2006

Song to watch skyscrapers by

I had a notion when I started this blog that things which somehow had the feel of skyscrapers about them would count as relevant. Yes! I am a long way from home by Mogwai definitely has that feel.

I can be pretty pretentious with music, but have got less so over the past few years. Despite this I feel I should point out that Mogwai's early stuff really was far superior to their later dirges. Young Team, on which Yes! I am... is the opening track, seems to have vanished into obscurity, with many people thinking Come On Die Young is their first album.

I've included it in the blog because the middle bit reminds me a bit of standing at the base of a cluster of skyscrapers and looking up, turning on the spot. The song as a whole makes me think of flying through the window on a boring train journey; one of the few songs to instil in me such a crisply formed image.

Here's the luminescent blue glass of the building next to the mayor's office which I thought was the shard of glass until a few weeks ago:

As I recall, it was cloudy, so god knows how it got to be such a bright blue colour as the glass looked pretty plain from most angles. I blame refraction.

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