Thursday, November 16, 2006

Ad-Sense dubiosity

Is it a real word? I hope so as it's better sounding than dubiousness.

For those who don't know, ad-sense is the service which adds those little adverts at the top of the page. I skimmed through the terms and conditions of having them on my blog, and one of them stipulated that I'm not allowed to click on them, as every time someone clicks on them I get paid a small fee; seems reasonable.

But what if I'm interested in what it advertises. The loop Google don't seem to have considered is as follows:

  1. Ads are placed to appeal to the type of people who will read the blog

  2. The type of people who will read the blog are the type of people interested in its subject matter

  3. People who write blogs tend to write about subject matter that interests them

  4. Therefore
  5. People who write blogs tend to be part of the target market that the ad-sense ads are aimed at

By which I mean; I clicked on one, but only because I was genuinely interested in what it advertised. What if the adverts catch my eye on a regular basis? According to the argument above this is to be expected (and the same goes for all other bloggers). Should/could this be interpreted as fraudulent behaviour?

I wonder. I really do.

The ones there at the moment don't interest me at all though. BAD Google. Having said that, typing in this post may change which ads appear, so I may like them. Would be weird and nice if this complaint about the quality of my adverts brought about the presence of more amenable ones.

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