Monday, October 01, 2007

Beneath the skyline: Part 1

Bazooka that clown faceWhen I go around the city looking at skyscrapers other things will inevitably catch my eye. Accordingly, I take a photo, thinking, "that'll make a nice addition to the blog too," but all too often I just don't have time to write about them. Thus, I have amassed a collection of images of varying interest, which I always intended to share, but never got around to doing so.

Well, all that's going to change now, with this occasional series "Beneath the skyline".

Today's subject: A splash of paint.

annotated-17But no ordinary splash of paint. It looks uncannily like an anime man firing a bazooka through an oversize scary clown mask. Or something like that. In case you can't see it (which I find very hard to believe), here is an annotated version.

Should you wish to see it with your own eyes, it's located here.

By the way, here's a newsflash (as yet unsupported by photographic evidence. BBC style, I invite you all to go out with your mobile phoney-cams and submit YOUR NEWS). At least some of the inside of the Broadgate Tower looks like being painted salmon pink judging by the view from the top of a double decker.


Anonymous said...

Wilkommen back! Glad the blog's back up after the summer recess. I want to see the clown but the map is too vague. Where should I go?

Other buildings being completed right now include Bankside 123 (have a look at the design for the new Architecture Foundation building) and the Silken Hotel at Aldwych. There is an exhibition on new hotels at the NLA building in Store St if you're interested.

Looking forward to more updates...

Rhysickle said...

It's on walbrook. If memory serves me correctly, it's on the one way bit closest to bank junction, but it might be lower down.

Have fun!

Cheers for the building notices. Th eexhibition sounds good.

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