Monday, September 24, 2007

Baptism or How to make up names and influence people

P1020767It's really quite amazing how short the tower looks from the street. It only just peeks out from behind 210 Bishopsgate, despite being more than twice the height. The word tower doesn't seem appropriate when seen from this angle. 'Slab' would be a better word.

But then again, the other night I was at the Light Bar with Paul and his friend Marie from New York, and from that angle it looked very thin; she said it herself: "What's that thin building?"

P1020766This whole fat/thin dichotomy makes me think the nickname "Razor" is appropriate. the shape is particularly emphasised in the promotional poster.

The question is, though, how do I propagate this nickname? I missed a trick by not spreading it to New York via Marie, but there you go. My ideas so far are to:

  • Phone Jonny Vaughan's breakfast show every day, using a number of aliasses (Chris the orthodontist from Harrow, Beverley the Chauffeur from Peckham Rye, Denis the Balloonist from Thamesmead), and wedging in a mention of the tower by its nickname.
    Jonny: So, Charlotte [the amateur cricketer from Enfield], what d'you think of Boris? Has he got what it takes to be mayor, or is he just a bit of a joke?
    Charlotte [aka me on helium]: Well, Jonny, I was walking past The Razor the other day, down by Liverpool Street station, and I have to say I think he's a bit of a joke.
  • Starting a hate campaign against all things with Broadgate in their name, therefore forcing a reappraisal of the tower's name by British Land.
  • Printing some posters and sticking them on the hoarding.
  • Recording a novelty rap/children's song, in the style of The Budgie Man ("I'm the Budgie Man, I'm the Budg-, Budg-, Budg-ie Man"), who can often be seen outside the Tate Modern.
  • Paying various minor clebrities, such as Prince, to use the name as part of their clothing range.

Please put any ideas you have in the comments. (Even though my ideas are silly, I am sort of being serious about getting the name to catch on).

PS - I know this completely ignores the results of the nickname competition I held a few months ago, but what can I say - I'm an arrogant ignoramus. (Maybe I should join the American presidential race).


JL said...

Get a cheap t-shirt printed with an artist's impression on the front and a picture of sleazy ex-footballer Neil 'Razor' Ruddock on the back, both with the slogan 'I love The Razor' underneath.

Rhysickle said...

As luck would have it Neil Ruddock is a good friend of mine, and I'm sure he won't mind at all.

Are you sure his nickname's "The Razor" though?

What are your thoughts on dayglo colours?

James said...

It won't work unless youw ant to rename the Electric Razor in Elephant and Castle. Think of the confusion as taxi drivers take people to the wrong building!

Rhysickle said...

I suppose it'll have to be a race to the finish line then. If my plan succeeds the Elephants will have no choice but to rename their castle.

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