Sunday, May 20, 2007

Transport problems

Well, what a great day! I woke up fairly early and, on looking out of the window to see the bright blue sky, decided to pack a large bottle of water and a salami salad sandwich, and then head off on the bike; first to the City, then to Docklands, then maybe back along the south side of the Thames.
Burnt out busExcept that's not what really happened because last night some little fucker nicked my bike. Which means I have to take public transport for a while. The omen's are good though; I've just seen a bus on fire, and earlier in the day I passed two friendly bus drivers arguing about whose fault it was they nearly crashed. Bendy busesOn the bright side Ken Livingstone has -finally - got around to passing legislation which exempts bendy buses from the standard 'no-bending' traffic bylaws in the capital, so bus journeys should be quicker now.

Without the bike I feel Lost Indian tourist.
I just feel like I suddenly have a huge burden to bear Indians pushing a large ball.
It's just a shame the world's such a P1020156 .

But as my mate Rimmsy would say: "Hey ho." And how about listening to this cheery summer song by Karl Blau.

As you can tell from the photos I did get out and about despite the de-wheeling. Quite an epic journey, all the way to the river. Your reward for reading through my sob story is to play a great new game I invented at the Tower of London called 'Achilles Heel'. The way it works is: I show you a picture of a building (most likely a castle or a disused fort), and you have to work out where the achilles heel of the fortifications is. (I am preoccupied with chinks in armour at the moment given that my bike lock was evidently not as impervious as advertised.)

A tricky one to start:
Tower of london chink
Can you tell what it is yet?

1 comment:

Kate said...

Really sorry to hear about your wheels being nicked, how dare they. As it happens we had 3-4 bikes nicked on Friday too, but thankfully I had mine with me.

As for the achilles heel, I'd say it's all the drainpipes, didn't they realise that drainpipes are great for scaling up walls!

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