Saturday, May 12, 2007

The miracle of the Olympics

Despite its being the biggest regeneration project/white elephant since the Millenium Dome, I have steered clear from commenting on the Olympics construction site. This is partly because it won't impact on the London Skyline, so is technically beyond the remit of this blog, but it's also partly due to the fact I very rarely head over Stratford way. I probably should make the effort every few months though.

But I'm breaking my silence now, in advance of any site visit, as I have received a communique from the Olympic Delivery Authority regarding changes to the planning application originally approved. All very, very dull. But there are a couple of illuminating maps. I've chosen to focus on just one detail.

You'll all have heard the spiel about the Olympics generating long-term employment and development in one of the UK's most deprived areas (I typoed 'moist deprived areas' then. Which is pretty funny, but not as funny as 'moist depraved areas'. But I didn't type that). But there are doubters who deny the Olympics will have the impact claimed on inner-city poverty. They argue that there's no real sustainability to be found in the jobs the Olympics will create, and that everything is founded on a set of vague hopes. But these maps prove them wrong once and for all

Olympics site, during Olympics

Olympics site, post Olympics

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