Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hanging around at the demolition site

Leadenhall Building overhang'Y'see that there?'
'That there what?'
'That. There!'
'Oh - that.'
'Yes - that.'
'What about it?'
'Well - what is it?'
'Looks like a spot of clear sky to me.'
'But... but... but how did it get in there... below the building?'
'Well, if I didn't know any better I'd say what's happened there is that three floors have been demolished down to the podium level and the concrete and steel removed from the site. And - if I was to push the boat out a bit - I'd also guess that the external scaffold has also been progressively dismantled and has exposed to view the existing lift and stair core.'
'And do you know any better?'
'In that case, that would explain it.'
Leadenhall Building newsletter'Yes it would. But the trouble with the present state of affairs, of course, is that it leaves the transfer slab at the top of the building from which the remaining floors are hung. If you ask me, them folk who'll be demolishing the remainder of this building to make way for the Leadenhall Building, aka The Cheesegrater, will have to come up with a design for the temporary deck that will support and aid the demolition of the upper hanging floors post haste!'
'Ah, I see.'
'Oh, look - here's a newsletter. Let's see if it can either confirm or deny my theory, shall we?'
'Print's a bit small - can't really make it out.'
'Oh - how I wish it were an image in a blog following progress on the London skyline. Then we could probably just click on it to see a bigger version.'
'Oh - you and your zany schemes. You play too many video games.'

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