Saturday, December 09, 2006

The machine killed fascists

Damn - slip of the tongue again. My bike did in fact take me on a ride along the canals of Hackney and Tower Hamlets to a) refresh my weary head; and b) take a photo of Broadgate Tower from a spot I came across while getting my hair cut the other weekend.

There was a bit of a sketch for a while. One of the bridges on the towpath is blocked off for repairs or painting, so I had to get lost. Found my way again though.

disintegrating buildingsOnce back on track I took this photo. It's not part of the area being redeveloped for the olympics, although it is probably within eye-shot. I expect they'll put up a big embankment to block the view of decrepitude.

Under the flyoverA bit further on was a tunnel under the blackwall tunnel approach road. Beautifully lit. There's a few interestingly lit underpasses near waterloo.

While looking for those photos I came across a stunning nightime london photo.

Broadgate tower cranes from canal Now, finally, I come to the reason I went on this cycle ride... or, at least, why I went the direction I did: It's the photo on the right. Bit underwhelming it has to be said. I like tall photos with lots of sky, but on this occasion the colours weren't particularly resplendent. I like that you can see the construction site and - one would hope and expect! - the tower from places I pass by regularly. Where I used live in Bow there was a peculiar effect in that if you were on one side of the road you could see Tower 42 but not the Gherkin, but if you crossed the road it was the other way around.

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