Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Why work at Broadgate?

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Today I have been at one with technology. Technology has been gradually accumulating over the past few days:
  • Broadband at home made live last Tuesday
  • After several days of not being arsed connected it on Sunday
  • Adam's dad's wireless router arrives Monday morning post. We fail miserably to get it to work that evening
  • Adam's dad comes through with a fool proof path through to getting it to work. As Adam might say: "Legend!"

Other notable occurances are Firefox 2.0 arriving (sadly missing the open selected links extension), my getting the stereo re-setup in the lounge, blogger finally getting integrated properly with Google, and Gumtree finally (I hope) delivering an affordable yet nifty bike into my life (this bike will eventually be my trusty sidekick in the hunt for skyscrapers.) And I've started my new web editor job... so it seems a fitting time to resume the Blog.

That was quite a digression.

The stuff I'm going to talk about briefly this evening (it is late!) is pretty old, dating back to the Willis building video. The same day I went by the Broadgate tower building site. More photos to come (again, dated, but worth documenting), but thought I'd pick this one as the first as it intrigued me.

There are a series of 4 posters aimed at encouraging top-flight business director managerial types to relocate their business to Broadgate. Slogans are:

  • 85 tons of cardboard was recycled at Broadgate during 2005
  • 1 mainline station and 4 underground lines
  • 5 public squares and open spaces
  • 13 tons of glass is recycled at Broadgate each week

85 tons of cardboard per year; are they proud of how much or how little they recycle? It seems like ridiculously little for one of London's main business streets. I should follow this up. Also, only 1 of the posters talks about business benefits i.e. the transport., and twice as many as this talk about recycling. Extraordinary! Do businesses really care that much about recycling that it deserves twice the space as train links?
I think Broadgate plc, or whatever they're called, have a poor grasp of their target demographic.

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