Wednesday, November 22, 2006

To begin at the beginning

I've started researching the genesis of the current 'let's build lots of tall buildings in London' policy. I'm disappointed to report that the word 'skyscraper' is very much lacking in the vocabulary of the committees that decide such things. For shame.

It's a hefty task (I plan on registering with the British Library), so not much to report yet... bar this slight anomaly.

As reflected in the summary of this blog, Ken Livingstone is seen as being largely responsible for the high-rise boom. The earliest public, official record of this is in October 2000:

I support high buildings, both as clusters (such as in the City, Canary Wharf and Croydon), and as stand-alone buildings (such as the Post Office Tower and Millbank Tower), where they are in close proximity to a major public transport interchanges and contribute to the quality of London's environment. I have no objection in principle to London having the tallest of buildings.

A long time ago, I think you'll agree, but not as far back as this, from July 2000:

Another case of Chameleon Ken just following the trend? I will investigate further.

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