Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Broadgate Tower, late October

finished building posterContinuing with the mission of remembering and writing down things I saw a few weekends ago in and amongst London's skyscrapers. Tonight I'll be concentrating purely on Broadgate Tower. It's not a stand-alone thing, but comes as part of a complex with 201 Bishopsgate. It's located where the derelict ground in the middle of this satellite map used to be. I think it's the closest of the new developments to my home, at 1.7miles. I'm not sure why it's called the Broadgate Tower as there's no street called Broadgate in the area; another thing to investigate.

When I went there a few aspects of the building caught my eye. There were these struts which twist between the sides of the buildings. I've now noticed that if you look at the poster of the finished building the plan is to paint them white. I had thought that maybe they'd be beginnings of a plush atrium. They're currently very rusty so will need some polishing up.

There were some segments of metal tubing, which I presume will be an air vent or something. A took a photo of a bucket builders climb into to be hoisted aloft by the cranes. It says a maximum of 2 people, but I reckon it could just about take 3. I forgot to make a definitive count of the cranes, but from looking at the photos from different angles I'd say there were 6. All red. Here's a link to a photo taken from the position I intend to take a documentary photo from on every visit, no matter how brief. Hopefully one day it will result in a short time lapse film, but here is the best photo from the day:

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