Friday, October 19, 2007

Citizen's band

*edit: If you're looking to download and mp3 of Citizen's Band by Super Furry Animals, it's now here:

Not related at all to skyscrapers, this post, but I think someone should put it up somewhere on the web as I serached way too long and hard for an answer.

A while back I transferred all my CDs onto my PC, and this is how I now listen to music. However, there were always a few tracks (Citizen's Band by Super Furry Animals (hidden track off Guerrilla)) and even whole albums (Hail to the Thief by Radiohead, Lazer Guided Melodies by Spiritualized) which I could not rip using any standard music software.

A painstaking search of the internet last night (after realising I hadn't listened to citizen's band since disposing of my clapped out stereo nearly 3 years ago) found an answer to downloading pregap and protected tracks from CDs. In short:

  • Download and install Exact audio copy
  • When prompted, download and unzip the LAME.EXE encoder
  • Stick the CD in the drive
  • Either:
    Go to Actions>Copy range and select the bit before 0s to record pregap tacks
    Select all the protected tracks you want and click on mp3
To save anyone who's specifically looking for citizen's band (one of the very best super furries songs) the effort, here is a link to where I've uploaded it: (after typing in the numbers scroll to the bottom for the download link).


Anonymous said...

thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

one of my favourite super furry animals tracks and not having it on my ipod has been driving me nuts for ages!


Anonymous said...

You bloody legend.

Airburst said...

Blooming marvellous..! What a track..!

p.s Here's some of our music for free


Anonymous said...

Fantastic. Superstar.

Anonymous said...

You absolute total and utter star. Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Could you please please please post this again?
I am dying to hear this song.

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